Brand: X-performer

mill Blower sheets 40V - X-Performer XPASB40LI-2B-harvesting bag. 45 L - 230Km / h + 2 Batteries 2 Ah / charger

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mill Blower sheets 40V. Wireless Battery. The tools of the X-PERFORMER - powerful, for your big projects in DIY or gardening with great ease of use. This leaf shredder Blower 40V is sold WITH charger and 2 batteries 2 Ah (20V LITHIUM Battery suitable CONCEPT), friendly and inexpensive battery that fits all X-Performer tools.

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Manicure & pédicure

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Reference: LD-114

Brand: Pem

UV nail lamp 36W - PEM LD-114

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36W UV lamp (4 9W bulbs included). You will realize it through a result worthy of a professional salon. Works with any type of gel. glue. varnish ...

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